About Our Farm


View of Girls Barn During Fall Colors

Located at the “Gateway to Beautiful Southern Indiana,” Yellow Wood Llamas resides on a high ridge in a forest setting ablaze with the beauty of dogwoods and redbuds in the spring, and only a short walk from the Goethe Link Observatory daffodil exhibition in April. In autumn, the yellow and red maples turn the very air golden, attracting “leaf-peepers” from all over the state. Visitors are treated to a new sight adorning the hills: Llamas! Llamas have proven to be the perfect livestock for us; moderate in size, gentle in nature, intelligent, curious, fun to train and easy to care for. Starting several years ago with companion llamas, we slowly began to develop a breeding program producing show quality animals with fine fiber and the signature elegance and beauty that our lines have become known for. We’ve been rewarded with many grand champions and nationally recognized llamas, both in the halter show ring and in fleece competition. But as much fun as showing can be, we still find the day to day enjoyment of the llamas to be the ultimate reward. Whether it is watching a baby nurse for the first time, or training a youngster to negotiate a new obstacle, these intelligent companions have won our hearts.