Overman Pale Moonlite (Sold)

Machuco x Riley-Mystical Moonglo


Pale Moonlight

When I first saw this girl, all I could say was, “Wow.” She had high luster, true suri locked fiber. But she was a big girl, with a super beautiful “llama head” with gorgeous hooked ears. If you know her bloodlines including Machuco and Peruvian Amigo, you can imagine what she looks like; now picture that with suri fleece! She is the “type” of suri llama we want to reproduce. She is bred to Peruvian Kordero, Suri ALSA Halter Champion, and we are hoping to combine the best of both these lines!

East Fork Shania (Sold)

Rinys’ King Crimson x PPR Rumpelteaser



Shania is a tall, stretchy female with an excellent topline; her silhouette bespeaks the “perfect” llama. Shania comes from the suri North American lines at East Fork, and her babies have had high luster, silky fiber. We are going to see if we can leverage those suri genetics by breeding her to our new suri male, Star Adonis. Shania is an excellent mother and her babies have had her size and solid structure. She is one of those classic quality females with today’s high luster, silky/suri fiber. Her babies include YW Rumba ¬†and YW Shalom Cruz.