YW Highlander

Incspot x Bardo’s Gypsy



This young male has developed heavy bone and full wool coverage that sets him apart from his peers. He is a combination of all the best traits of his renown sire and dam. As a yearling, shown in the photo, he took Second Place at the Midwest Challenge Futurity and Fifth Place at the LFA Futurity, and Second Place at the Hot Mama Llama Sweepstakes in 2004. His strong structure and fine fiber, draping off his legs, ears and forehead, offer today’s breeders quality to build on!

LW Captain Curry (Deceased)

LW Willie K x LW Chocolate Ice(by LW Kissam)


LW Captain Curry

Full Bolivian ALSA Get of Sire Halter Champion, sire of several champions and Celebrity Futurity and Grand Nationals Top Ten winners. Produces offspring with his signature elegance and colorful, drapey single coat fiber.

Star Adonis

Kantu Son

6-16-2005llamas-089_web.jpgLike the Greek God, our Adonis possesses the ideal masculine form. Adonis is one fo the tallest suris in the country. He has a muscular athetic frame with a strong topline. Adonis is a proven herdsire with several show quality, and colorful suri and silky offspring. Co-owned with Moondance Llamas.

Chileno Smokin Gun (Deceased)

(Full Chilean Import)


Chilean Smoking Good

This male has wonderful substance, bone and size, topped by suri-type fiber in a spectacular appy tuxedo pattern. His offspring include many Futurity and ALSA halter champions. One of the highest selling llamas at the Burgess’s sale, we are looking forward to what he will produce in our herd!

Overman Pale Moonlite (Sold)

Machuco x Riley-Mystical Moonglo


Pale Moonlight

When I first saw this girl, all I could say was, “Wow.” She had high luster, true suri locked fiber. But she was a big girl, with a super beautiful “llama head” with gorgeous hooked ears. If you know her bloodlines including Machuco and Peruvian Amigo, you can imagine what she looks like; now picture that with suri fleece! She is the “type” of suri llama we want to reproduce. She is bred to Peruvian Kordero, Suri ALSA Halter Champion, and we are hoping to combine the best of both these lines!

YW Pinata (Deceased)

LW Captain Curry x Quinientos Pinta


YW Pinata

Although so many of our llamas hold special places in our hearts, Pinata is my personal, all time favorite. She was the perfect show llama, not only knowing exaclty what to do, but also knowing when she had won! She earned her ALSA ROM, a Championship, 7th at Grand Nationals and 7th at the Celebrity World Futurity. We had a fun career in the show ring, where Pinata became more of a partner than “just” a show llama. Pinata’s mother is continuing to produce show-quality cria, and we are anxious to have Pinata’s first cria, hopefully to follow in her footsteps!

Grace and Favor of King MT

Taj Mahal of Tunitas Creek x Shangri-Llama’s Grace



We purchased Gracie in Reno almost a decade ago, and she has been integral to our herd ever since. If the industry recognized what suri fiber was back then, her price would have been beyond our reach. She has been an excellent mother, producing a half a dozen crias for us so far, including the incredible YW Kona Lady, who we retained in our progam. What a surprise to have Kona and Gracie, both shiny, black llamas, give us beautiful appaloosa babies last spring! Gracie’s babies have had her solid, heavy bone, and all her babies have her silky, shiny fiber, some of which have been nearly suri. We will try to encourage that suri content with a breeding to Adonis. Her babies include YW Scirocco, YW Kona Lady, and YW Sand Pebble Cruz.

East Fork Shania (Sold)

Rinys’ King Crimson x PPR Rumpelteaser



Shania is a tall, stretchy female with an excellent topline; her silhouette bespeaks the “perfect” llama. Shania comes from the suri North American lines at East Fork, and her babies have had high luster, silky fiber. We are going to see if we can leverage those suri genetics by breeding her to our new suri male, Star Adonis. Shania is an excellent mother and her babies have had her size and solid structure. She is one of those classic quality females with today’s high luster, silky/suri fiber. Her babies include YW Rumba ¬†and YW Shalom Cruz.

Bolivia’s Rio K (Deceased)

FW Rio De Las Montanas x LW Kirby

Rio K

Rio K

Rio has always been our most photogenic llama, with that gorgeous, “Mickey-Mouse” face and fantastic ears. We call her an “honorary Curry Girl” because LW Willie K is her grandfather. Rio is a full Bolivian from the ultra-silky Rio De Las Montanas, and her fleece has taken Champion, Best of Show and Best of Hand at fiber venues, and is still winning top places even now, although Rio has reached adulthood. Rio has over 60 ALSA points in the halter show ring, and multiple Championships including Reserve Grand Champion at the Great Lakes Regional. Rio has had a correct, silky cria, and we are looking forward to future babies from this gorgeous llama.

YW Chatelaine

LW Captain Curry x “Princess” Summer Fall Winter Spring



One of our “Curry Girls,” Chatty is by the incredible show producer, “Princess.” Chatty has over 40 ALSA points and four Grand or Reserve Championships including Reserve Champion at the tough Buckeye Regional Show. Chatty’s taupe brown fiber hides dilute reverse appy spots. She is a great mother and has produced very correct offspring with super-silky fiber. Chatty is large female with a lot of capacity, and yet is very gentle and handleable, making her a farm favorite. She always gathered a crowd at the shows by begging Gatorade which she loved to drink from a bottle. She still comes running anytime she sees I have a cool drink in hand! She is the mother of YW Champagne Cruz and Smokin’ Ebony and Lace.

YW Hot Java (Male)

Incspot x “Princess” Summer Fall Winter Spring

Born: November 2003

Suri-type “Wet Look” Fiber, Stretchy, and Classic Jet Black!


Hot Java

A proven show winner, Java has shiny, crimpy suri-type fiber with lots of lock structure. His jet black fiber has the greasy feel and natural wet-look that is so popular in Futurity shows, and will always demand the judge’s attention. Java is out of Princess, one of our top producers, who consistently gives us offspring that take both ALSA and Futurity championships. Java’s full brother, Curious Cat, has won ALSA champion, Best in Show and First Place at the Millenium Magic Futurity, as well as 7th at Nationals. Java has already won First place in the “Hot Mama Llama Futurity” in Class 1 at the International Livestock Show at only 5 months of age! With Java’s conformation, topline, tail set, and awesome fiber, he is likely to surpass his older siblings! Be the one to own him and win with him!

Luci Lui (Sold)

WLK Bravo x Forrest Meadows Lucy in the Sky


Luci Lu

This girl is a keeper for us. Her dam, Lucy, is a multi-time champion of incredible beauty. When I first saw Luci Lui, at one hour old, she was standing by her mother and looked like she could take Champion in the show ring before she had even dried off! Luci Lui is turning heads in the show ring with several high placings and many ALSA points. She took 3rd at the Millenium Magic Futurity show!