JLL Michele M’ Belle

LW Marcellus x PPLP Huckaboo

michele_1542_crop_250.jpgAlthough Michele has her ALSA ROM and we are very proud to show her, her real fame is from her carreer as a PR and therapy llama. Michele has the most beautiful head and proud carriage, and when we visit a health care facility, you can hear the “ooh’s and aaah’s” from everyone! Michele simply loves the attention from childrem and adults, thriving on all the handling, touching, hugging, bumping of wheel chairs, and even the occasional over-zealous hair pulling. Michele is one of the few llamas to have earned her Delta Society certification as a Pet Partner. We have held off breeding her even though she is an adult, in order to use her for valuable visits at our local children’s home and Riley Hospital summer camps. She is often specifically requested to attend, and we just cannot disappoint her many fans. Showing and breeding are more fullfilling when we also share our llamas with those who really appreciate their visits. At some point we will breed Michele, and we hope she has a clone of herself that is just a versatile!

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