Housing for Llamas

loafing-shed-2-bay.jpgHousing for llamas can be simple sheds to elaborate barns. The basic winter requirements are shelter from inclement weather (rain, snow) and wind protection, which can be provided by as little as a three-sided shelter with the open side facing away from the prevailing wind. More substantial shelter may be required during severe (below zero degrees Fahrenheit or colder) or prolonged cold spells. Supplemental heat is rarely required for healthy adult llamas in US climates, although a thick bed of straw will add considerably to the llamas’ heat retention capabilities.While the simple shelter is necessary to protect from rain, the added danger of summer heat requires a source of shade in a well-ventilated area. Shearing of the llamas’ wool, the use of fans, and small ponds of cooling water (such as kids’ plastic wading pools) can be invaluable in reducing the risk of heat stress. In most US climates, the danger of heat stress in summer is far greater than danger from cold conditions in the winter.new_barn_llamas1.jpg

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