A Visit and a Walk


Lewis goes for a walk and munches on the grass

We visited Lewis Friday afternoon, and were able to image walk him out on the lawn outside the facility for some sunshine and grass. The winter has been long in the Midwest this year and the grass is just starting to green up and the air get comfortable. It is hard to believe Lewis has been at OSU for two whole months! He underwent some depression during the past few weeks that was relieved by daily walks outside. He seemed pretty bright and although a little quiet, considering what he has been through, it is obvious that the special care he is receiving is keeping him in the fight back to health.

Dr. Silveira feels the radiographs show enough recovery of bone callous to make him able to tolerate the next surgery and debridement of last infected tissue. If he removes the bone plate, he will install an external fixator to stabilize the leg. Dr. Silveira will be making these judgment calls once he begins surgery and can see the current status of the bone. For the long term, the bone plate should come out, but whether this is the time to do that will be determined during surgery.

Surgery is slated for next Tuesday. Our prayers are with Lewis and with Dr. Silveira to guide him. Lewis will still have a long recovery ahead but perhaps this will be the last surgery, and he can begin a more speedy recovery after this!

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