Another Hurdle Overcome!

Lewis underwent surgery today, which Dr. Silveira has reported to have gone well. They did not find the bone to be in any worse shape than the radiographs had predicted, much to our relief. The doctor removed a screw, some wire, did extensive debridement of the infected bone, and drained the large abscessed area. The plate is still holding at both ends of the femur and providing support. Lewis this afternoon is in his stall recovering and able to stand, putting some weight on the leg. Extensive follow up will now be done to keep the wound flushed and antibiotics to treat the infection. The next few days are critical to determine if the infection can be overcome. There is a risk that the bone could break in its weakened state. Fortunately, there were no splinters or fractures of the femur, so healing appears to have occurred before the infection set in.Again thank you to everyone who is keeping up on Lewis’ recovery; we truly feel your thoughts and prayers are what are making the difference! We continue to pray for guidance to the doctors and surgeons and Lewis’ own resilience to keep fighting his way back to health!

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