Another visit from home

We visited Lewis and went over the latest radiographs with Dr. Silveira. The doctor is encouraged that there is at least some noticeable bone growth and his infection seems to be under control. However a piece of dead bone will need to be surgically removed. As he had discussed with us earlier, this will have to wait several weeks until more growth makes the bone strong enough to operate on with some degree of safety. He also would like to remove the plate at some point, as another screw has broken. Once the bone has recovered fully, the plate will no longer be needed and will become a liability. For now, it is still what is holding the leg together.Lewis continues to eat well, and will walk on the leg when he needs to. He had an opportunity to come home while we await the next evaluation. However, we felt that since the wound still needed daily flushing, and his condition was still guarded, that he was best left at the hospital under close care of trained professionals and staff. We reluctantly left Lewis, knowing he would have enjoyed a respite from the stall confinement, but feared the danger in moving him several hours in our van and caring for him at home were potentially more risky than leaving him in his safe environment. As long as he continues to cope with his situation, we feel he is better off there. We miss him and hope that he can continue to improve to the point where perhaps in a few more weeks, we can bring him home for good!

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