In Good Spirits and Walking


Lewis and his Alpaca Buddy

I must apologize for not making more frequent updates; and thank everyone for their emails about Lewis. The latest information is that Lewis’ spirits are good, and he is being walked outside in the lovely spring weather we have finally been getting here in Indiana. He has a new stall mate, an alpaca nick-named “Psycho,” who he tries to steal food from! Obviously his appetite is still good which is always a good sign. The circulation in his lower leg appeared to be affected after the surgery. Hydrotherapy and time have improved this and the leg seems warmer now and he is using it to walk; all good indications.The fixator has been holding now for over two weeks, also a critical factor. However, there is still exudate and infection which is not responding completely to treatment. Lewis will have more radiographs next week to evaluate his progress. The continued infection is worrisome, but his general condition under the circumstances and willingness to keep fighting are encouraging.

The staff at OSU have taken some digital photos of Lewis and the gang, and we hope to put some of them on the site here as soon as we get them, so check back!

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