Another Hughes Net Update

Well our experiences with the Hughes net satellite internet service has not been all wine and roses.  In my past posts I indicated that I was reasonably pleased with Hughes Net.  Unfortunately, I experienced very slow download speeds (slower than dial-up) over a two week period in mid-March.  Calls to technical support did not correct the problem.  Hughes did dispatch a service person to verify the dish alignment and check for cabling problems, but that did not resolve the issue. Fortunately, the problem went away on its own and has not returned for the past two weeks. 

 However, I do notice a consistent pattern of the speed dropping off in the evenings by 50% or more betwee 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.  I suspect that Hughes Net is overselling their capacity in anticipation of their newest satellite coming online within the next several weeks. 

I’ll continue to post my experiences–good and bad for all of you rural dwellers like me that do not have another high speed internet option.


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