Christmas Day Computer Crash!

After a wonderful holiday get-together with our extended family, I came back into the computer room to check my email and found that my computer was DEAD!  We think the power supply is gone, and have a new one on order.  If that does not fix it, we are in trouble!  I want to notify anyone who has emailed me since 2-3 days before Christmas until now, December 26, that your email is lost.  Please, please resend it!  I have email now working on another computer, but we have lost all the emails sent during the 2-3 days before Christmas.  I know there were a couple of pending messages that I did not get to with our Christmas visitors here and all the celebration etc.  Please, everyone who has emailed me, resend your email!

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and will have a Happy New Year in 2009!


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