Goodbye to a Friend

LW Captain Curry

LW Captain Curry

Yesterday started out like any other day, but as we all know life can change on a dime.  After a morning check of the llamas, Laura and I decided to go to Bloomington for breakfast and shopping. We got home around lunchtime and decided to feed the llamas early and spend the rest of the day snuggled up inside around the wood burning stove, surrounded by our cats and books.  Unfortunately, we spent the afternoon in the barn saying our final goodbyes to Curry (LW Captain Curry).  Curry had been fine in the morning, but when we went out to feed the llamas after lunch he was very distressed. He was laboring to breath and obviously very uncomfortable.  We immediately called our vet and they dropped what they were doing and were at Curry’s side in less than a half hour.  The verdict was not good.  Curry was in congestive heart failure and the prognosis for recovery was grim.  We had the make the decision every pet owner hates to face, but in this case there were few options.  Curry took his last breath around 3:00 pm  which ended his 18 years with us.

CurryCurry enjoyed life.  His favorite activities were: eating, watching over his herd of girls and warmly greeting all of the farm visitors (especially the little ones!).  He usually could convince them to give him a few handfuls of grain.  Curry will continue to live on in our hearts.  We had many good years with Curry. Curry touched our lives in many ways but the more than anything else he was a good friend that was always glad to see us.


Happiness is a barn full of alfalfa – LW Captain Curry

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