Incspot Climbs the Fence?


Yellow Wood Male Barn

Our male llamas have there own barn and are divided into a number of runs which are connected to their barn stalls.  Some of our males (Inspot, PPF Pablo Cruz  and Smokin’ Gun) have there own runs and stalls, so that we can keep them separated from each other and the younger boys.

The other day Laura went into the barn and didn’t see Inspot in his run.   When she started looking for him, she found him in the fenced in area that is between his run and a large fenced in area that houses several of our younger males.  He was enjoying the fresh grass that had grown up in this area during the nice spring weather we have had this past week.

Incspot’s run is surrounded by a 6 foot high chain link fence with a 2″ x 6″ wooden top rail.  At first,  Laura thought he might have jumped the fence but on closer inspection she discovered he had actually crawled under the fence!  He had pushed his nose under a 3 foot by 4 inch gap that had been eroded during the winter. After he had managed to get his head under the fence he must have realized that he could not pull it back out because the chain link fence was just like a Chinese handcuff (remember playing with these as  a kid?).  With only one option left, he managed to push his entire body under the fence.  When Laura found him, he was having a grand old time devouring all of the new grown grass and intimidating the younger males on the other side of this area.

Who would have thought a 375 lb llama could slip his entire body under a 4 inch gap in a chain link fence!  So Laura opened the gate and lead him back into his own run thinking it was just a fluke.  Well to make a long story short, the next day he was back in the forbidden area!   Since Incspot had learned a new trick I was forced to take action. So, I spent a couple of hours yesterday installing a second 4″ x 6″ wooden rail across the bottom of the fence.  While I was sawing, drilling and screwing the new bottom rail in place, Incspot spent the time watching me crawling around in the mud with a bit of a smirk on his face.  When it was done he made several passes up and down the fence before he realized I had blocked the path to his new found freedom.  Believe it or not you could see the smirk turn to an expression of disgust!  Then he laid down in his dust pile, put his ears back and had a good sulk.  Now what will be his next trick!

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