Llamacam “One” Rest in Peace

After being in continuous operation for nearly 10 years, our first llamacam died after a power surge last Sunday.  Llamacam “One” was used to keep track of the llamas on the barn porch. 

I have a soft spot in my heart for Llamacam “One” because I had built it myself from an old computer, a broken camcorder and pieces of string, bubble gum and other odds and ends.  It faithfully served us for 10 years under very extreme conditions.  Llamacam One was the camera which was featured on TechTv, the Discovery Channel, Indianapolis Magazine and our local CBS TV station. 

Hopefully I will figure out a replacement option this weekend.  I’ll will try to get a new camera in operation within the next couple of weeks, because I realize there are hundreds of visitors each day that will miss seeing the antics of the llamas and their keepers as they go about their daily routine!  Of course you can still tune in and see the llamas on the other 4 cameras which are still fully operational.

Llamacam One Rest in Peace.


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