New LlamaCam Camera

Panasonic Network Camera

Panasonic Network Camera

Well I am finally getting around to replacing the camera that keeps tabs on the llamas barn porch.   The previous camera failed several months ago and I just didn’t have the time  to research and buy a new camera.  I know, you say how could you not have time since you are retired. I plead no contest!  I just seems as if the days fill up so much with other activities that I often wonder how I ever found time to work.

The new camera has arrived and I plan to setup and install it sometime next week.  It is a little different than our other cameras so I  may have to tinker with it a bit before I figure out the best way it should be  setup and installed.  Hopefully that will happen in the next few days and so everyone will be able to enjoy the better views of the llamas soon.

Hopefully, all will work as planned and everyone will be able to enjoy some better quality images of the llamas as they lounge around on the porch or the beach as we call it.

You directly go to the llama cams through this link:




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