New Kittens in the barn

New KittensA couple of months ago we had a beautiful silver tabby cat take up residence in our barn.  She started showing up at feeding time and gradually took up permanent residence.  I guess she figured out that Hutu (pronounced Who.Two) our barn cat got fed at the same time as the llamas.  Everyday she would show up and Hutu would graciously step back and let the little lady have the first chance at the food dish. Several weeks ago, we decided she was either gaining a lot of weight on our cat food, or she was pregnant.  Well, guess what.  She was pregnant and blessed us with 4 little kittens a couple of weeks ago.

I can tell Laura is already getting attached to the new additions to the barn because I’ve caught her picking them up and snuggling them.  It appears there are three girls and one boy.  As soon as they get a little older, mom and her kittens will get to visit Country Critters (our vet) for their shots, spay and neutering.

I guess the word has gotten around to all of the cats in our neighborhood that the llama farm has good food, shelter and a great medical plan!  They know if they can just limp in, life will be wonderful.

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