Update on Hughesnet

We have been using HughesNet for our internet access for several years.  I had been hoping that Comcast or ATT would upgrade their systems in our area, but I guess those of us that live in rural areas will be the last to get high speed internet from ATT or Comcast.

Our HughesNet system’s performance has had its ups and downs as you can surmise by reviewing some of my past posts.  However, our HughesNet connection has been reasonably stable and reliable for the past couple of years.  I have therefore been reluctant to upgrade to their Gen4 service because I have been concerned about having to live through another learning curve.  However, I have tried out the Gen4 service at my Cousins house and it seems pretty good.

Therefore, I have decided to take the plunge and signup for the Gen4 service.  The installation is supposed to be this Friday.   I’ll post my experiences once it is installed; assuming I can still access the internet.  I am certainly keeping my fingers crossed.



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