Spring in February


Electric Skies

Laura and I awoke this morning to the sights and sounds of Spring.  We were experiencing our first  thunderstorm of the year, during the first week of February!  After I had dressed for my morning trek to the barn, I glanced at the weather station and was surprised to see that the temperature was nearly 70 degrees.  No need for the heavy parka this morning.

As I walked to the barn the warm and humid air reminded me of a late April morning instead of early February.  Unfortunately, our short excursion into Spring is only a tease.  The temperaure is supposed to drop into the upper 30’s tonight and the weather forecast includes a chance of snow for  Wednesday.  At least the brief respite into Spring is bringing much needed rain to fill our pond.  Unfortunately the thaw and rain will also expand the boot sucking mud flats around our barn.


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