Yellow Wood enters the high speed internet world–sorta

Today is a big day for the internet activities at Yellow Wood Llamas. We have been on the web since 1994 having registered one of the first 100,000 domain names on the internet. However, because of our rural location, low population density and the rough terrain in our area none of the big providers have been willing to invest to bring DSL or digital cable to our area. Therefore we have been limited to using ISDN, an older technology that is about twice dial up speed.

hughesnet_dish-sm.jpgAfter hearing promise after promise from Comcast for four years (they even sold me high speed internet once but couldn’t provide the service) we have broken down and signed up with Hughes Net. Hughes net will not be able to match DSL or cable for speed, but it should be five to ten times faster than our ISDN connection. The equipment is supposed to be installed today, so I should be able to provide reports on our experience over the next few weeks, for those that are in a similar situation.

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