YW Chatelaine

LW Captain Curry x “Princess” Summer Fall Winter Spring



One of our “Curry Girls,” Chatty is by the incredible show producer, “Princess.” Chatty has over 40 ALSA points and four Grand or Reserve Championships including Reserve Champion at the tough Buckeye Regional Show. Chatty’s taupe brown fiber hides dilute reverse appy spots. She is a great mother and has produced very correct offspring with super-silky fiber. Chatty is large female with a lot of capacity, and yet is very gentle and handleable, making her a farm favorite. She always gathered a crowd at the shows by begging Gatorade which she loved to drink from a bottle. She still comes running anytime she sees I have a cool drink in hand! She is the mother of YW Champagne Cruz and Smokin’ Ebony and Lace.

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